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The National Fenestration Awards

Awards are important. But they are a different kind of important. To the wider world and its many issues, they are insignificant. However to the industry that those awards are given, they are important. They hold a value to that sector that matters only to them – and that is key.

No matter how big or small an award it remains a token of recognition that the recipient has achieved something, succeeded in something and more importantly others recognise this.

Getting an awards ceremony right is the fundamental point to making sure that those particular awards are respected, admired and sought after. So when myself and Nick (@AlumTradeSupply on Twitter) got together to try and create an awards ceremony, we knew we had to stick strictly to the points above.

At the end of 2012, we created the National Fenestration Awards, (NFA’s) and since then, we have been working hard in the background to establish the foundations of what we intend to be the industry’s first and totally inclusive showpiece awards scheme.

We intend the NFA’s to be as representative as possible of the whole industry and not just one sector. That means all materials will be recognised, PVC, aluminium, steel, timber and composite products, glass, hardware and more.

The fenestration industry is made up of a far more diverse range of companies than the impression sometimes given in the industry media that it’s mainly PVC, composite doors, hardware and glass.

There are some real stars within the other material sectors.  However, many of these stars and achievers don’t necessarily promote themselves like many others do.

These new national awards will endeavour to reflect the whole industry as much as possible.

The National Fenestration Awards are going to be the first awards that are decided entirely by the people within our industry. That means no secret judging panel and nothing decided behind closed doors.  People who work in the industry at all levels will have their say and have a vote.

We are currently working on a website which will host a sophisticated voting system. All people need to do is register on the site to be eligible to vote. Then, once the initial round of voting goes live in the Springtime, our community is free to contribute! Like any free to vote system, there has to be monitoring and rules. We are working on various methods to make sure that the system isn’t abused and exposed to bias.

The NFA’s will come to a climax at the end of the year, with some very special glass trophies given at the end of the year. As you can appreciate, with something this big, this innovative and this new, details are still being ironed out. So stay tuned to the Aluminium Trade Supply and Double Glazing Blogger websites to stay up to date with all the latest announcements throughout the year. And follow the official NFA Twitter account: @NatFenAwards!

The National Fenestration Awards aim to celebrate some of our greatest companies and people throughout our hard working and diverse industry. But another aim of the NFA’s is to expand the online community.

As many of you will know and have already experienced, Twitter for has become the main social networking platform for our industry. It has a constantly growing number of people within fenestration making new connections.  There are countless businesses that have been helped, educated, have found new contacts.  Many of us on Twitter can testify to the leads generated and work secured.  All this on what is a free platform.  It’s fantastic.

If you’ve not yet realised the power of Twitter for your business, we can help you.  Contact and or @glazingblogger and @alumtradesupply on twitter and we will get you started.

The NFA’s want to build on this momentum and get everyone from the shop floor to the board room online and start improving the industry overall by way of social networking. It’s a fast, free and fun way of getting things done. We love it, and I’m sure many more will love it too!


So far, we’ve had the support and backing some of the biggest names in our industry and we hope that EVERYONE will get involved when the time comes!


In the coming weeks we will release more updates and news to keep you up to date.  Please register on the website and make these open, transparent and all inclusive awards work for you and the industry.

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