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Selecta Andy

Is Bigger, Really Better?

February 10, 2017

There has always been this perception that being the biggest is the best, but does striving to become the biggest come at an expense to the customer? Selecta Systems Sales Director, Andy Green, dares to ask the question, is bigger really better?

It seems like the modern day model for a selection of companies is to grow through acquisition and mergers whilst forgetting the original organic growth that got them where they are today by nurturing their existing customer base. These companies will have investors, investment groups and shareholders at the helm whom will be looking for returns on their investments which may result in a negative impact on certain customers.

Andy explains, “Acquisitions and mergers may be good to boost a company’s portfolio of products and revenue but does it really pose a good deal for the customer as the business becomes very corporate and almost black and white. Does a company lose its identity and/or values when it becomes part of that corporate beast?”

“Usually when a one size fits all approach is taken, flexibility is removed from the business and all levels of customer focus may suffer as decisions are removed from the front facing staff as decisions are made at board level.”

“Organic growth has always been the chosen and long term approach of Selecta. As the only UK based family owned profile system supplier we connect with our customers. The original values and ethos have never been compromised by being part of a group which has allowed a flexible approach to be maintained as customers grow with the business. Every customer is valued and receives the level of support, guidance and care of which their business demands. This flexible approach works for Selecta and it certainly works for our customers.”

“From initial contact with Selecta a customer will deal with the decision makers and doers, those that can customise a service specifically for them – a personal touch with a family friendly approach! Our team of four technicians, soon to expand to five, provide an unrivalled technical support service that gives you the required on-site training and care to ensure that changeover and the fabrication of Advance 70 is and remains as efficient and effective as possible.”

“Selecta marketing, marketing support and materials have undergone a key change over the last 12 months. A brand new comprehensive range of suited marketing brochures, flyers and associated materials have been created with a bold, modern and prestigious look with greater emphasis on imagery to capture the audience. We’ve also expanded the Marketing and Customer Service Team, focusing even greater on ensuring customers have the relevant materials to promote and support their business, whilst also keeping them up-to-date with new product developments.”

“With Selecta you get a friendly and approachable family business which I believe is where a large amount of fabricators can connect with and relate to. The whole business approach has been to engage with fabricators and invite them to #bepartofthefamily and not to be just another customer, but feel part of Selecta. The Selecta ‘family’ is made up of a long list of loyal, knowledgeable and experienced employees with many key staff having been with Selecta for 20+ years. This year also sees Selecta celebrate our 35th anniversary in May and it is a feat that we are duly proud of in an age where we have seen many a system house supplier come and go.”

“Over the last 12 to 18 months Selecta has grown organically, without the need of acquisition and mergers. Continued investment within the extrusion, lamination and transport departments of the business with key recruitments within the core areas of the business has seen the business develop. There has been major investment in the range of products that Selecta offer, giving customer’s diversity whilst ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively.”

Andy concludes, “We here at Selecta acknowledge we are not the biggest extruder in the UK and we don’t have a board of directors, shareholders or investors to please. We are sticking to what we do best, growing organically with new product development and customer base expansion by providing a range of products and a service that puts the fabricator first, whilst meeting their business demands and consumer market expectations. Selecta has never lost its identity or roots whilst the flexibility of our approach encompassed with a versatile window and door system in the Advance 70 gives fabricators an outstanding package.”

“As I said previously, ‘we certainly are not the biggest extruder’ but we do aspire to be the best, with a first-class window and door profile system and an unrivalled level of service. It’s something I firmly believe we now are and have. It’s Selecta’s time to shine…”

Written by Mark Walker

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